UK Comedy Hypnotist Show

Chris Doc Strange

The Man, The Legend, The Barmpot.
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    Chris Doc Strange doesn't claim to be the best stage hypnotist in the World. 

    He is however, an Honest Hypnotist who is Kind, Considerate, Professional, Reliable & Very Entertaining.
  • Army Hypnotist

    The British Army Love to Have a Laugh and there's no better way than a Doc Strange Hypnosis Show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

Yes. Unless they're dead, then No.
"Oh, so flippant!" 
I don't mean to be, it's just that you are hypnotised every day without even knowing it.
When I do a show, you know you are being hypnotised and some people fear they will "Lose Control" and so they "Wake themselves up", but really, you're Always in Control. Through Trust, you ALLOW Me to Hypnotise You. Just the same, you can decide not to. If you are enjoying taking part, hopefully you are, then you will become More Hypnotised. Put another way, you'll allow me to suggest more things to do that you never thought of yourself that you will enjoy doing.

Is Stage Hypnosis Safe?

It is when I do it. Safety is my Number One Priority. I don't get laughs at any cost, certainly not my willing subjects, who trust me to look after them. NO, it doesn't mess with your mind. If you have Mental issues, DO NOT VOLUNTEER! Because if you go on a rampage, who will they blame? Yeah, Muggins. No, seriously, the only real danger is working on a high stage that you can fall off, or by a lake or motorway. I mean, just be sensible. There's idiots everywhere, I try to make sure they don't take part in my show. Intelligent, Sensible volunteers are the best. I don't want Jim from Sales "Who's a right laugh, he'll do anything", he's the last person I want on stage with me. Quiet, Reserved people are always the best. Their friends say "It's not like them at all" 

What Does a Comedy Hypnotist Do?

When you want entertainment that give people the chance to Feel Famous, you hire Chris Doc Strange. The show is all about giving people the chance to be funny and make others laugh. There is no great gift than the ability to put a smile on someones face. This was they do it through comical situations or skits as we hypnotists call them. It's Not about Humiliation, it's about the chance to shine, in front of your friend and collegues.
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